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The cinema and publicity industry speak in two different languages. Cinematographer Nicolas Garcia, merges with reality and becomes part of the various generational contexts, enabling him to tell stories that are more personal.


The goal:

Show the exotic personality and the deep professional universe of Nicolas Garcia digitally, dividing it into two different languages: Commercials / Video Clips and Movies / Videos as a protagonist.

Direct contributions:

  • Transfering Nicolás’s personality and taste into digital.
  • Transfering UX wireframes into two worlds.
  • Helping the client to transform his world into digital.


  • Web team (2 people)
  • Wireframes
  • Inspiration mood board by Nicolás


  • Benchmark
  • 21 designed screens > 140 hours of work
  • Elements design
  • UI kit

Happy Colombian living and
Working remotely in Guadalajara México.

+52 55 78017854

Erika Castellanos

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